Henry Corbin

Henry Corbin (1903-1978) was a famous French philosopher, professor of philosophy at Sorbonne University, and orientalist. Corbin spent most of his life in Iran and other Middle East countries. For more than 25 years he researched and scrutinized the Islamic world, especially Islamic Philosophy, Sufism, and Shi’a beliefs. His main achievement was the introduction of Mulla Sadra and Suhrawardi to the West. One of his masterpieces is History of Islamic Philosophy. Corbin was the first to translate Heidegger into French, publishing a collection of texts under the title “Qu’est ce que la Métaphysique?” (1938). His work on the Iranian Ismaili theosophical tradition relies heavily on German hermeneutics. He had a close relation with both Allameh Tabatabaei and Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr. His book The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism continues to be one of the greatest expositions of classical Persian Sufism available to a Western audience.

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