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Pir-Zia-webPir Zia Inayat Khan, Ph.D.,  familiarly known as Sarafil Bawa, is a scholar of religion and teacher of Sufism in the universalist Sufi lineage of his grandfather, Hazrat Inayat Khan. Pir Zia is president of The Inayatiyya and founder of Suluk Academy, a school of Sufi contemplative study and practice with branches in the United States and Europe. He is editor of A Pearl in Wine: Essays in the Life, Music and Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Caravan of Souls: An Introduction to the Sufi Path of Hazrat Inayat Khan , and author of Saracen Chivalry: Counsels on Valor, Generosity and the Mystical Quest,   Mingled Waters: Sufism & the Mystical Unity of Religions, and Dream Flowers: The Collected Works of Noor Inayat Khan With a Critical Commentary by Pir Zia Inayat Khan. Pir Zia divides his time between Virginia and Suresnes, France. (pirzia.org)

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