The Inayatiyya, A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty
“The objectives: to realize and spread the knowledge of unity, the religion of love and wisdom, so that … the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred caused by distinctions and differences may be rooted out.”— Hazrat Inayat Khan
The Inayatiyya, formerly known as the Sufi Order International, is an international organization dedicated to spreading the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who first introduced Sufism to the Western world in 1910. The Sufi Message proclaims the knowledge of divine unity—of all peoples, all religions, and all existence—and the religion of the heart awakened to the beauty in all creation. The Inayati Order operates internationally through a network of centers, and offers a number of programs and activities. These include seminars, classes, special programs, livestreamed events, and personal and group retreats.

Events Calendar

Suluk Academy  The Suluk Academy is a school for Sufi studies, providing sincere seekers with the opportunity to experience the fundamental practices and wisdom of the Inayati Sufi tradition, especially as expressed through the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Zenith Institute Summer Camp in the Swiss Alps, where  a sacred space has been created that allows you to drink deeply of nature’s beauty and power and to inwardly tread the path that leads to the soul’s awakening. It is a space where you can dive deep into your inner life and through spiritual practices, silence, prayer, music and dialogue reconnect with your timeless nature.

The Hope Project Located in Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, the Hope Project currently runs a community health centre, a creche, a non-formal school, vocational training courses, a thrift and credit program, and a women’s micro-enterprise unit. Founded by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and guided by the spiritual ideals of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Hope Project is driven by the spirit of service to humanity and respect for all religions. It strives to provide people, especially the poor and vulnerable, with opportunities and resources, so that they can realize their hidden potential and determine their own future.

Ziraat  The Ziraat concentration uses the symbols and dynamic processes of agriculture as ways of describing the inner life, and as ways of finding a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. Ziraat offers retreats and workshops that affirm the true goal of the spiritual path: a natural and spontaneous freshness, a broad vision and the upholding of the beauty and sacredness of all life.

Light of Guidance Center for Sufi Studies  is the New York City center of the Inayatiyya. It offers regular classes on Sufism and special events.