Aede of the Ocean and Land

Aede of the Ocean and Land
A Play in Seven Acts
by Noor Inayat Khan

In dramatic form, Aède shines a revealing light on Noor’s life and thought, reflecting her unique assimilation of the spiritual teachings of her father, Hazrat Inayat Khan. In Aède, Noor combines elements of Greek myth, Sufi esotericism, and personal experience to produce a gripping and surprising retelling of the Odyssey of Homer. The protagonist wrestles with monsters, colloquizes with nymphs, and sails the Mediterranean in search of home. Will Ulys reattain domestic bliss in Ithaca—or does another destiny await him? A Suluk Press title 
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92 pages    5.5″x8.5″     ISBN 978 1941810-255

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Reviews for Aede of the Ocean and Land

“Noor Inayat Khan delicately infuses Homer’s epic poem with Sufi philosophy and weaves a narrative that is at once an ode to her parents as well as her own interpretation of the journey of life. As gods and humans mingle in a world of conflict, soul-searching, and heroism, Noor layers her characters, understanding their frailties and their strengths. Aède of the Ocean and Land—written just before the writer herself would make her own brave journey in the Second World War—is a gem of a discovery, as relevant today as when it was written.’
–  Shrabani Basu, author of Victoria & Abdul

“This mystical dramatization of the Odyssey, in the tradition of ancient Neoplatonic readings of Homer, melded with the influence of Sufism, is an important text for readers interested in the reception of Homer in the twentieth century.”
– Emily Wilson, translator of The Odyssey,


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