Alchemy of Combat

The Alchemy of Combat;
Transforming Trauma in Combat Veteran
Alchemy-of-Combat-webby Larry R. Decker

In a process of breakdown and renewal can come the transformational discovery of meaning and purpose, of a higher awareness with an expanded and inspired worldview, and uplifting happiness for the soul. Larry R. Decker Ph.D. provides a guide through this process for therapists as well as family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and others caring for combat veterans who are seeking to move through Posttraumatic Stress Disorder into a renewal of life through Posttraumatic Growth. A Suluk Press title.
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Reviews for The Alchemy of Combat

“Larry Decker’s experience with thousands of veterans, and his years of spiritual discipline and training are distilled in this book.”
Karl Marlantes, USMC, author of What It Is Like To Go To War.

“…an important discourse on the value of trauma and its underlying spirituality as well as an excellent ‘how-to’ guidebook on practicing therapy with former combatants.”
Ed Tick, Ph.D., Executive Director, Soldier’s Heart, Inc., author of War and the Soul

The Alchemy of Combat is a must read for veterans, anyone working with veterans…Ultimately, spiritual transformation heals all wounds, and Dr. Larry Decker clearly has dedicated his professional life to support this process in veterans, beautifully capturing the process in this book.”
Dr, Keith Witt, author of Integral Mindfulness

“…this is is the best book I have ever read that truly addresses the deepest levels of spiritual healing that warriors need. Importantly, The Alchemy of Combat provides clinicians with a skillful guide for how to walk with combat veterans and caregivers on this journey towards Posttraumatic Growth.”
Kirsten Olsen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Through the deeply moving stories of veterans he has worked with over the years, Decker shows how ancient spiritual wisdom adds a vital missing dimension to conventional therapeutic techniques. Through this powerful alchemy, veterans are able to achieve “post-traumatic growth” by discovering what they most desperately yearn for: a renewed sense of purpose to equal what they felt in military service, and the gold of meaning concealed within the depths of their suffering.”
  Pythia Peay, author of America on the Couch: Psychological Perspectives on American Politics and Culture

“The veterans often say they think they have lost their soul. Dr. Decker’s work helps guide them to their Posttraumatic Growth. He clearly explains how to use his method for growth and shows you how to help the veteran not only reintegrate back into the world but shows ways to find purpose and the ability to again serve society.”
Sharon L. Rapp, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


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