Creating the Person

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A Practical Guide to the Development of Self

Revised Edition

by Hazrat Inayat Khan

It is an act of love, in our time, to take upon oneself the creation of a truly human personality. In Creating the Person we have an introduction to a range of qualities that are necessary for the accomplishment of this task. Will power, gratitude, self-control, gentleness and self-respect are among the topics addressed. No dogmas will be found here, for, in Inayat Khan’s words, “no principle must be blindly followed.” Instead,  direction is given that may enable the reader to develop these qualities in everyday life.

“Our ideals become realities only when enacted amidst the tumult of a life fully lived. Action in the world, and interaction with the people of the world, are indispensable for spiritual maturity. Spirituality is not otherworldliness, but adab, wise conduct. In the lectures that make up Creating the Person, Hazrat Inayat Khan has traced the essential lineaments of a wise demeanor. Ethically exacting but never doctrinaire, Hazrat’s teachings portray a manner of being that is within reach of all of us if we would only aspire to it and stay the course.” – from the foreword by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan.
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