Gayan Vadan Nirtan

Gayan-Vadan-Nirtan-webGayan Vadan Nirtan   
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan once said, “What is spoken from the heart reaches the heart.” The sayings, poems and prayers in Gayan Vadan Nirtan have come directly from the illumined heart and soul of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Containing the essence of Inayat Khan’s teachings, they are addressed to the deepest places of feeling and knowing within us. Newly compiled from the most authentic available sources. A Suluk Press title.
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199 pages   6″ x 9″    ISBN 978 1941810095

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Excerpts from Gayan Vadan Nirtan:

When I open my eyes to the outer world,
I feel myself as a drop in the sea;
But when I close my eyes and look within,
I see the whole universe as a bubble raised in the ocean of my heart.

If you wish people to obey you,
you must learn to obey yourself.
If you wish people to believe you,
you must learn to believe yourself.
If you wish people to respect you,
you must learn to respect yourself.
If you wish people to trust you,
you must learn to trust yourself.

The Creator, by means of the human heart, experiences life within and without.

Tears of joy are more precious than pearls.

If you avoid wrongdoing, it will avoid you.

A real artist expresses his soul in his art.



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