In Search of the Hidden Treasure

In Search of the Hidden Treasure; A Conference of Sufis   InSearchHiddenTreasure-web
by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Pir Vilayat takes us on a journey in search of the treasure of Sufi wisdom by entering realm upon realm of spiritual experience, and meeting enlightened teachers from Ibn ‘Arabi to Jalal ud-Din Rumi.
Written in language that is between prayer and poetry, In Search of the Hidden Treasure is a fascinating journey into the initiative secrets of Sufism, inviting us to discover spiritual physics and a dimension of the soul that are rarely found in any other spiritual practice. We are drawn inward and, paradoxically, find renewed value in ordinary life and our place of existence.
Punctuated by stunning and seldom seen Islamic art, In Search of the Hidden Treasure is the ultimate book of Sufi wisdom that will open up for Western audiences dimensions and teachings previously hidden within the centuries of Sufi history. Richly illustrated. Published by Jeremy Tarcher.
See excerpt below.

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210 pages   7.5″x8.5″    ISBN: 1585421804

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Read an excerpt from In Search of The Hidden Treasure:

“Pir Vilayat: [To Murid] Did you notice that the hadith said, “I loved to be known,” not “I wished to be known”?

Murid: I thought I understand that it was in order to know Himself that God created creation?

Now Maulana Jalal ud-Din Rumi, the great Sufi mystic poet who introduced the dervish whirling step to echo the choreography of the stars, comes forth, bursting with overwhelming conviction as though to make a momentous statement:

Rumi: On the Day of Alast, the Beloved said something else in a whisper. Do any of you remember? He said, “I have hurried to you.”

Pir Vilayat comes forth again, exulted by the magical scene.

Pir Vilayat: You see, you see! The hidden treasure no only desires to be known, but aspires to become in the course of evolution the Dhu’l-Jalal wa’l-Ikram, the Lord of Majesty and Power!

Murid [to Rumi] Are you inferring that the moving impulse behind creation was not knowing, but love? Could we infer therefore that love for our fellow beings spurs our quest for knowledge?

Rumi: The creatures are set in motion by love.”


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