Introducing Spirituality Into Counseling and Therapy

Introducing-Spirituality-webIntroducing Spirituality into Counseling and Therapy   
by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Insightful discourses offer Pir Vilayat’s wisdom and experience in the practical application of spiritual principles within everyday life situations, personal growth and problem solving. Topics include emotion, relationship, creativity, and awakening to the cause and purpose in life. Detailed instructions are offered for many meditation practices that can be used to bring fresh insights to specific problems. See reviews and excerpt below.

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162 pages   5.5″x8.5″    ISBN: 978 0930872304

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Reviews for Introducing Spirituality Into Counseling and Therapy:

“Pir Vilayat has applied Sufi wisdom to the perplexities and stresses of modern life, informing the readers how to think clearly and live peacefully, while appreciating beauty and developing spirituality.”
Professor Stanley Krippner, psychologist and author

“Everyone concerned with human growth, whether professionally or on a more personal level, will find inspiration in this book.”
Collins Booksellers

Read an excerpt from Introducing Spirituality Into Counselling and Therapy:

“It is the interrelatonship between beings – between all being, whether they be animals, vegetables, or even the planets or the sun, but particularly between people – that triggers off unfoldment. The beauty of our life is in the extraordinary encounter between the different parts of the totality. As Hazrat Inayat Khan says, God meets Himself in the meeting of each person with each person. This is the most sacred thing that can ever happen – like the meeting of two worlds. Even though they have the same origin, the DNA of each person has been narrowed down in the course of time, so that although the universe is in each one of them, it is becoming more unique in its way. Not only the encounter of, but the maintaining of the relationship between two people, is the very impetus that triggers off transformation in our being.

We are able to communicate with people all the time, and not necessarily only by talking with them; we must be able to carry beings in our souls or our hearts.”



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