King Akbar’s Daughter

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Stories for Everyone
as Told by Noor Inayat Khan
by Noor Inayat Khan

Noor Inayat Khan is best known for her heroism as a clandestine Allied wireless radio operative in occupied France during World War II. Noor’s previously unpublished stories are presented here in new English translations alongside her original French language versions and her known English renditions. Some of these stories are Noor’s own creations while others are traditional myths, fables and legends retold in her own words and embroidered with her unique twists to best serve her purpose of teaching and inspiring with tales of chivalry, compassion, love, hope and wisdom. A Suluk Press title 
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233 pages    6″x9″     ISBN 978 0930872922

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Reviews for King Akbar’s Daughter

“A charming collection of stories — moving, funny, inspiring and uplifting. Noor’s voice shines out through them.”
Shrabani Basu, author of Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan
“Previously unpublished stories by the late Khan (Twenty Jataka Tales) make up this collection of original works and traditional fables, legends, and tales. With three English exceptions, the stories are presented in French, with English translations on facing pages…. Some familiar characters appear (Renard the Fox, the Snow Child, and Father Christmas). A few stories are original (one character is based on Scheherazade). The author’s life as a British special agent and her death at age 30 in a concentration camp during WWII are at least as fascinating and inspiring as the stories. Accompanying photographs, editor’s notes, a memory of Khan by her brother, and a bibliography will pique interest in further study of this idealistic Sufi war heroine. All ages.”
   Publisher’s Weekly
King Akbar’s Daughter” is the first book to focus exclusively on a collection of Noor’s literary works since the publication of Twenty Jataka Tales over seventy years ago. As the first book to comprise Noor’s retelling of stories from around the globe, this is a literary treasure. Geared toward audiences of all ages for the pleasure of reading, scholars and students will also appreciate this literature of the World War II era, written by an extraordinary woman of the time.”
   Lara R. Curtis, co-founder of the Institute for Holocaust, Genocide and Memory Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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