Mastery Through Accomplishment

Mastery Through Accomplishment   Mastery-web
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Many readers consider this book to be the most practical place to begin working with the teachings of Inayat Khan. Accomplishment in worldly affairs is not viewed as a hindrance on the spiritual path, but is seen as the means of developing the ability to achieve what one wishes, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of one’s life.
Topics include destiny and free will, knowing life’s purpose, self-discipline, the struggle of life, rising above limitation, and the fulfillment of purpose.

“It is not necessary for man to leave all the things of the world and go into retreat. He can attend to his business, to his profession, to his duties in life and yet at the same time develop this spirit in himself, which is the spirit of mastery. Mastery is not only a means of accomplishing the things of the world, but it is that by which a person fulfills the purpose of his life.”

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“Murshid Khan, I think you are preaching a gospel that men of all faiths can understand. No matter what form it takes in doctrine, it is the thing Americans need. We can explain nothing, really, if we try to follow through to the final analysis. But I know there are reservoirs of spiritual strength from which we human beings thoughtlessly cut ourselves off. And I believe it is possible for us to put ourselves in vital touch with them.”
Henry Ford, automaker

“Inayat Khan is masterful, patient, and exacting in teaching the way of getting to the center of life.”
Yoga Journal



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