Nature Meditations

Nature MeditationsNature-Meditations-web
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Poetical sayings in which the whole range of human emotion is experienced through trees, flowers, fire, water, animals, sky, and other elements of the natural world. This pocket-sized book also includes Inayat Khan’s instructions for using the phrases in meditation and prayer, as well as the esoteric use of colors and flowers in healing.

“Anyone who has some knowledge of mysticism and of the lives of the mystics knows that what always attracts the mystic most is nature. Nature is his bread and wine; nature is his soul’s nourishment; nature inspires him, uplifts him, and gives him the solitude for which his soul continually longs.”  Hazrat Inayat Khan
Read excerpts below.

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92 pages   4.5″x6″    ISBN: 978 0930872724

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Excerpts from Nature Meditations:

Sky with Stars

Let my heart become a planet in Thy heaven.

Let me receive Thy divine message as the stars receive light from Thy hidden face.

Fill my heart with Thy love, that my every teardrop may become a star.

Open a way through Thy heavens, that I may arrive at Thy dwelling place.

Let my soul reflect Thy light that every glance I cast may become a comet.





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