Nature’s Hidden Dimension

Nature’s Hidden Dimension
Envisioning the Inner Life of the Universe

by W.H.S. Gebel

The scientific point of view has gained dominance in our growing world culture by basing its authenticity on an empirical foundation. Yet mystics can point to a different test of authenticity: the broad agreement in subtle perceptions of reality across many cultures and stretches of history. The rigorous study and discipline of the life of a scientist is not for everyone but we can all enjoy the fruits of scientific research. We benefit from the knowledge of the universe and the fascinating intricacies of nature. The rigorous training and discipline of the mystic is also not for everyone, but we can enjoy the fruits of inner realizations and revelation passed along by the great mystics. We benefit from knowledge of meaning and purpose in the greater life of the cosmos and its implications for meaning in our own lives. An understanding and appreciation of the inner life of the universe can offer an integration of the scientific story of the outer life with the insight of mystics into the inner story, distinguishing the realms appropriate for science and spirituality to explore, and offering hope that they can coexist in mutual respect and harmony, and that each could enrich the other.  A Suluk Press title.

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“In his first book, W.H.S. Gebel cast a revealing light on the inner life of the individual. In this captivating sequel, he elucidates the inner life of the universe itself. This is a marvelously evocative meditation on the nature of nature from a thinker with the mind of a scientist and the heart of a mystic.”  – Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, author of Mingled Waters: Sufism and the Mystical Unity of Religions

“I really enjoy and appreciate this new book by W.H.S. Gebel. As we both have walked the line between the world view of the scientist and the world view of the mystic, I, as a scientist and mystic, especially find this book very useful and inviting. One definition of a mystic (dervish) is one who dwells at the threshold between states of consciousness. With the help of several concepts of  the mystical path, Mr. Gebel show us how a mystic learns to live in a multi-level reality and warns us of some of the pitfalls on the path, from the experiential perspective of participating in the inner world of the universe. The realm of physics is the first step and fundamental in the understanding of the other levels of the hidden structures and scaffolding that hold this multi-verse together. In the Islamic and Jewish mystical tradition, there are hidden dimensions of Spirit that are waiting to be discovered. By diving into these readings, we learn to see behind the veils and get a glimpse of these invisible and hidden landscapes. I invite you to enjoy this excursion into unknown and undiscovered territory.”

— Rabbi Ivan Raqib Ickovits, Particle and Space Physicist, Aerospace and System Engineer, Student and Teacher of Jewish Studies at Metivta, Los Angeles

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