Root Speaks to Bud

Root Speaks to Bud; Fulfilling the Purpose of LifeRoot-Speaks-to-Bu-web
by W.H.S. Gebel

The process of discovering one’s unique purpose in life unfolds step by step through levels of intelligence and intuition, while developing trust and faith in one’s own inner realization and guidance. A personal awakening in inner truth, happiness and peace comes with the knowledge that the fulfillment of one’s individual purpose serves to fulfill the purpose of the whole of Creation. A Suluk Press title.
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Review of Root Speaks to Bud

“In these gentle pages glowing with experiential wisdom, W.H.S. Gebel shines a clear light on the path that we have all been born to walk, the path that leads to the fulfillment of life’s purpose.”
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

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Finding a Clue to Purpose
HOW could we have missed it? Everything is trying to tell us about our purpose. How is it telling us? By how it attracts our interest. We may think that our interest is casual and that it is distracting us from the serious concerns of life. Maybe we think that what interests us is beyond our abilities or beyond our means. We might see it as an impractical pipe dream. We could be afraid to pursue what interests us for fear of failure. We may have tied our self-esteem to being successful, and we’re not willing to risk failure with a dream that we can keep alive if we don’t test it.Take heart. If your purpose is what you are meant to do, if there is a greater purpose behind it carrying with it a prodigious power of manifestation, if your love and desire for the object is revealing itself to you, then all that remains is to develop the confidence to own it as your purpose. And how do you develop that confidence? By taking the risks that arise as you step forward, and finding your way to success though you may have to fail again and again.
The interest that might have seemed casual turns out to be central. What could be more important than discovering what you are here to do and going forward with accomplishing it? What is wonderful is that your purpose unfolds in doing what you most love doing.
Humility is needed in posing the question about purpose. We might be moved by the great issues of our time and feel it is our duty to try to bring about some positive change. Following what you love, if it doesn’t directly address pressing problems of our time, might seem to some like a cop-out, like sticking your head in the sand. You may truly have a calling to struggle for justice or peace or human rights, but if this is not your calling, your best contribution to serving the good is to sound your true note. Bringing greater harmony and contentment into the psychic atmosphere of the planet serves all other needs. When you sound your note, you are adding something to the symphony of the whole that was missing. As scientists investigate nature, they marvel at the complexity of relationships that are interdependent. The affairs of the world present another complex interconnected network. It is very difficult to decipher what contribution we may be making. We may think that we are a tiny cog in a great machine and what we do or think has negligible influence. It is likely that our angst makes some contribution to the stress of world affairs, and our fulfillment adds to the relief of stress. Though we are indeed a tiny player, we know from Chaos Theory that a tiny influence in an unstable medium can trigger decisive change. By following the path that belongs to you, you are doing your part to bring about a better world for all.
Another question to consider is whether the goal you feel drawn to is worthy of you. Would achieving this goal make you proud? Does it agree with your values? How would it affect others? Does it seem self-serving? Does it reflect psychological needs that should be examined before settling on a goal?If you are not sure, don’t abandon the goal. Your wish is anchored in a deeper wish, one that has a noble purpose. Look more deeply into your wish, seek its roots. Seek the underlying goal that feels honorable.

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